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Prominent Architects and Builders

Many Palo Alto and Stanford buildings are recognizable as the work of certain architects and builders, some of whom are known internationally. The following list of architects and builders is not a complete listing of their works, but does provide examples. Recent additions include architects, builders and others who have contributed to the character of Palo Alto through their recent contributions via restoration and rehabilitation that have been honored with PAST Preservation Awards.

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H. B. Adair Builder 356 Kingsley
Rod Allen Contractor 936 Scott renovation
Thomas J. Allen Builder 630 Lytton demolished
Allison and Allison Architect 50 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto H.S. Administration and Auditorium buildings (old photo)
SJ Amoroso Construction Builder Rinconada Library Restoration/Remodel
Louis Anderson Builder 215 Bryant, studio at 460 Churchill, 2301, 2305, 2311 Hanover
Montgomery AndersonArchitect
R. C. Andrews Builder 1136 Waverley
A. Aro and N. J. Okerman Architect 1424 Hamilton
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L. A. Bachelder Builder 535 Lowell265 Lytton (Tinney and Sons)
Albert Bain Architect 559 Kingsley
Charles P. Baker Builder 1350 Byron
C.H. Barrett 1023 Forest Avenue
Bakewell & Brown Architect 1200 Bryant, Stanford double houses
Hans Baldauf Architect 1061 Bryant restoration
C. A. Bates Builder 1431 Waverley (Gamble House)
William H. Bates Builder 475 Melville
L. S. Bean Builder 505 Homer, 567 Melville
W. G. Bell Builder 1230 Parkinson
Sam Benzacar, Creative HabitatDesigner/Contractor251 Lincoln Avenue restoration
Thomas Bender Architect 1005 Bryant Street; 1017-1023 Bryant Street
Martin Bernstein Architect 334 KIngsley restoration; 617 High landscaping
Bertrand & Chamberlin Architect 359 Embarcadero Road
William M. Bernard Builder 951, 953, 955 Addison (demolished)
George C. Bertsche Builder 628 Middlefield
Joe Bettencourt/
Straightline Construction
Builder 859 Lytton restoration
Big-D PacificBuilderPalo Alto Art Center
Black & Campbell Builder 165 Channing/865 High, 367 University
John Blakewell Architect Stanford double houses: 612/614 Alvarado Row and Salvatierra
Bliss and Faville Architect 567 Hale
Bill Bocook Architect 536 Gerona remodel
S. A. Born Building Co. Builder 1800 Waverley
P. W. Bosworth Builder 2110 Park
T. E. Bowman Architect 1301 Bryant
John Branner Architect 939 University, primarily on the Stanford campus: 755 Santa Ynez
C. E. Branson Architect 505 Homer
Charles Brown Architect 859 Lytton restoration
William Bruner Architect 668 Ramona Street Rehabilitation
Lawrence Buck (Chicago) Architect 1160 Bryant
C. L. Buckman Builder 1451 Cowper
Jerome Buttrick Architect 327 Addison renovation
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W. Matlock Campbell Builder 334 Cowper, 706 Cowper
William Campbell Builder 449 Seneca
J. W. Carpenter Builder 200 Coleridge
A. W. Caukins Builder 264 Channing, 209 Homer (with J.W. Wells), 935 Ramona, 942 Ramona
Mark Cavagnero Associates Architect Palo Alto Art Center
O .L. Cavanagh Builder 190 Island
CAW Architects Architect 345 Lincoln, 345 Forest Avenue, Sapp Center (2017)
J. H. Christie Architect 95 University (SP Train Station)
Thomas Church Landscape Architect 950 University, 1800 University
Arthur Bridgman Clark Architect 345 Lincoln, 356 Lincoln, 433 Melville, 1136 Waverley
Birge Clark Architect Commercial and residential (see Birge Clark page)
David Clark Architect 155 Island Drive
E. V. Cobby Architect 529 Bryant
Cody, Anderson, Wasney Architects 825 Channing renovation; 520 Ramona restoration; 541 Ramona rehabilitation; 1013 Ramona renovation; Peterson Building rehabilitation; Sea Scout Base Adaptive Use; 261 Hamilton Avenue Rehabilitation
Cody Brock Commercial Builders Builder Sea Scout Base Adaptive Use; 261 Hamilton Avenue Rehabilitation
Frederick Confers Architect 190 Island
Christopher M. Cook Builder 220 Miramonte, 260 Miramonte
Ernest Coxhead Architect 351 Homer, 567 Melville
Kate Courteau Architect 2000 Bryant remodel
Kathleen Craig Landscape Design 351 Homer restoration
Cranston & Smith Realtors Builder 384 396 University / 502 Waverley (Decker Oak Building)
Creative Habitat Designer/Builder 251 Lincoln Avenue (2017)
Dominic Cresci Contractor 1345 Cowper renovation
William Crimm Architect 200 Coleridge, 301 Coleridge
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H. H. Dabinett Builder 63 Crescent Drive, 70 Crescent Drive, 365 Hawthorne
Gardner A. Dailey (1895 - 1967) Architect 27 Crescent Drive, 515 East Crescent/1800 University,1870 University
Damant and Sons Builder 520 Ramona Street
Jon de la Cruz Interior Designer 601 Melville Avenue restoration
Pedro de Lemos Architect 460-464 Churchill, 1550-1570 Cowper, 2301, 2305, 2311 Hanover, 101 Waverley Oaks, 520-526 Ramona, 535 Ramona Street, Allied Arts (Menlo Park)
Devcon Construction Builder 323 University Avenue Rehabilitation, Old Winery, Stanford restoration
Dimensional Construction Builder 1303 Waverley garage
Antonio Drago Builder 2050 and 2056 Hanover
John Dudfield Builder 625 Hale, 132 Lincoln, 251 Middlefield
Joseph Dunn Builder 734 Seneca
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Joseph Eichler Bewilder Edgewood, Green Gables, Greenmeadow, Los Arboles and other subdivisions and commissions at Stanford
EYP Architecture * Engineering Sapp Center, Stanford
Albert Farr Architect 1600 Bryant Street
Z. O. Field and Francis K. Ledyard Builder 1005 Bryant, 1017 Bryant, 1146 Waverley
Findley and Kingham Builder 872 and 874 Boyce
C.E. Finnell Builder 2051, 2057, 2063, 2069, 2075, 2081 Harvard Street
Tom Eliot Fisch Architect Hoover Pavilion restoration
Ralph W. Follmer Builder 435 Coleridge, 460 Homer, 1505 University
J. W. Ford Builder 334 Lincoln (original), today
Frank Fox Builder 232 Coleridge, 475 Homer, 320 Kellogg, 467 Lincoln
Val Franz Builder 369 Churchill
George Freear Architect 70 Crescent Drive
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Michael Garavaglia Historic Architect 564 University Avenue Rehabilitation, Rinconada Library Restoration/Remodel
Elmer Gary Architect 661 Bryant former (First Church of Christ, Scientist)
Robert Geering Architect 623 Cabrillo, rehabilitation
Wells P. Goodenough Builder 455 Coleridge, 1247 Cowper, 300 Homer, many sidewalks bear his stamp.
Charles E. Gottschalk Architect 705 Forest
Sidney L. Griffiths Builder 560 Melville
Group 4 Architecture Rinconada Library Restoration/Remodel
Henry Gutterson Architect 510 Lincoln
D. R. Halling Builder Cowper Court (demolished)
Hays Group Architect 323 University Avenue Rehabilitation
William Hays Architect 1701 Bryant (remodeled in 2013)
J. C. Hladik Architect 345 Forest (Laning Chateau)
Roy Heald Architect 248 Homer, Castilleja Administration Building, 255/265 Lytton, 950 University, 970 University
John Hermannsson Architect 1060 High remodel
E. A. Hettinger Builder 803 Cowper, 433 Melville
Charles Hodges Architect Designed many homes at Stanford and Palo Alto as well as Stanford's Memorial Arch.
Henry W. Hook Builder 1022 Webster, 1026 Webster
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George Jacobson Builder 310 Tennyson, 939 University
Anton Jensen Builder 449 Monroe (photo shows original location on Homer)
Carr Jones Architect / Builder 2101 Waverley Street
Joel Karr, Weske Karr Design Group Architect Old Winery restoration, Stanford
KFA Group Architect College Terrace Library renovation
Leslie Kiler Landscape Architect 1928, 1950, and 1990 Cowper, 190 Island
E. J. Kingham Builder 340 Coleridge, 355 North California
William F. Klay Architect/Builder 450 North California, 780 Hamilton
William Knoles Architect 1445 Bryant
Guy KoeppArchitect2121 Webster
Kohler Associates Architect 1118 Webster rehabilitation
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Gustav Laumeister Builder 430 Kingsley, 308 Lincoln, 1020 Waverley, 950 University
Francis K. Ledyard Builder 1017 Bryant
Lindgren and Swinerton Architects/Builder 799 Alma Street
Michael Lindstrom/Architectural Design Structure Architect 525 Alma restoration
Lindstrom & Sons Builder Homer Avenue Commercial Rehabilitation
Lee Lippert/Lippert & Lippert Design Architect Homer Avenue Commercial Rehabilitation
Ed Lowis Builder 2130, 2136 Oberlin
Longueville and Price Architect/Builder 460 Maple
Mark Lucas Builder 466 Ruthven
Lundberg Design Architect 661 Bryant Adaptive Use
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Charles Mackenzie Architect 860 University
M. P. Madison and E. A. Williams Architects 119 Bryant
John Madsen Builder Cardinal Hotel
M.P. Madison Builder 514 High
Mallock & Feasy Builder 1870 University
K.C. Marcinik Architect 936 Scott, renovation
Mark Cavagnero Associates Architect Palo Alto Art Center
Mariuc build + remodel Builder 1128 Webster rehabilitation
Guido Marx Builder 356 Lincoln
Judith Mattingly Architect 1303 Waverley garage reconstruction
Bernard Maybeck Architect The recently restored Sunbonnet House at 1061 Bryant Street is his prominent Palo Alto design.
McDonald and Kahn Builders 456 University (New Varsity Theater)
Frank McMurry Architect 450 Kingsley
Fred Meyer Architect 320 Kellogg
William M. Meyer Builder 1130 University
A.J. Miller & Associates Structural Engineer 668 Ramona Street Rehabilitation
A. N. Mills Builder 564 University, 534 Forest, 175 Webster, 401 Webster, 623 Alma, 1312 Cowper
Minton Company Builder 544 Coleridge, 1250 Lincoln, 1416 Tasso
W. Garden Mitchell Architect 2110 Park (concrete)
Pete Moffat Contractor 1061 Bryant restoration
Monson Brothers Architects/Builders 529 Bryant
George B. Moore Builder 686 Matadero, 2300 Wellesley (College Terrace Library)
Julia Morgan Architect Designed several homes including 423 Chaucer and the National Register World War I Hostess House
Chester Morris Builder 1000 Cowper (demolished)
George W. Mosher
(1863 - 1939)
Builder 270 Channing, 359 Embarcadero, 575 Hawthorne, 617 High, 900 University
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E. K. Nelson Builder 440 – 450 Bryant
Samuel Newsom Architect 514 High
Leslie Nichols Architect 419 Maple, 1664 Emerson, 39 Crescent, 1313 Newell Road, Lawn Bowling Club House
NorthWall Builders Builder 358 Addison; 345 Lincoln, 345 Forest Avenue, Sapp Center (2017)
Garth Nystrom Builder 1345 Cowper renovation; 623 Cabrillo rehabilitation
Arthur T. O'Brien Architect 457 Kingsley
Olaf Richard Ogran Builder 1504 Byron
LeBaron Olive Architect 263 Churchill, 1021 Cowper
Oliver and Company Contractor 668 Ramona Street Rehabilitation
Frederick Olmstead Landscape Architect Stanford Campus
Ole Olsen Builder 390 Leland, 591 Stanford
Osborne and Knight Builder 1370 Lincoln
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Page & Turnbull Preservation
1247 Cowper restoration/rehabilitation; Hoover Pavilion restoration
John F. Parkinson Builder 321 Kipling
William Peacock Builder 510 Waverley (Decker Oak)
Ray Peppin Architect 2510 Waverley
George Peterson Builder 271 University
Plant Construction Builder Sapp Center, Stanford (restoration)
William Pluns Builder 760 Homer
H. B. Post Builder 236 Churchill, 300 Coleridge
Powers Architect 384 396 University / 502 Waverley (Decker Oak Building)
J. A. Prewitt Builder 667 Lytton
Lionel M. Pries Architect 1155 Waverley
Longueville Price Architect / Builder 460 Maple
J. E. Qualls Builder 1621 Castelleja
Quality Construction by VM Builder 564 University Avenue Rehabilitation
P. P. Quinn Builder 271 Addison, 610 California, 450 Kingsley
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Francis W. Reid Berkeley Architect 1527 Waverley
Reid Brothers Architect 456 University (New Varsity Theater)
RHM Architecture Architect 819 Ramona rehabilitation
W. T. Rhodes Architect 509 Hale
Robelo & Associates Builder 601 Melville restoration
Milton B. Roller Architect 448 Addison
G. W. Rosebrook Builder 225 Emerson
T. Paterson Ross (1873-1956) (See The DeForest House) Architect 900 University (Squire House)
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E. J. Schmaling Builder 1220 Hamilton, 2261 Waverley
Virginia Schutte Designer 1027 Emerson remodel
Alfred Seale Builder 305 Churchill
Coleman Seidel Builder 423 Chaucer
Shea & Shea Architects 751 Waverley (St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church)
Sheldon & Mosher Builder 225 Emerson
Sherrill Construction Builder 327 Addison renovation
A. W. Smith Architect 601 Melville, National Register; 281 Addison, 430 Kingsley and 739 Santa Ynez, Stanford. (Most of his work was in Oakland.)
Cleveland Smith Builder 510 Tennyson
George Washington Smith Architect Most famous for the public buildings in Santa Barbara, 1336 Cowper (National Register)
Henry C. Smith Architect  
Mike Smith Builder Woman's Club remodel
Paul Rowan Smith Builder 218, 224, 226, 230 North California
Walter Sorenson Builder 1410 Tasso
James Stedman Builder 1849 Webster (demolished)
Marcus Stedman Designer / Builder 272 Rinconada Avenue was his home. Other Stedman homes were featured on the 2009 Holiday House Tour.
E. A. Stenbit Builder 2261 Waverley
Clinton Stepherson Construction Builder 510 Lincoln (side view)
Stern & Price Developers See examples on Murdoch, Alger, Ashton, Cowper, Maureen, Middlefield, and Rambow.
Joseph L. Stewart Architect 610 Coleridge
Harold Stormer Architect 840 Hamilton
Charles K. Sumner Architect Sumner homes were featured on the 2007 Holiday House Tour.
Barry Swenson Builder College Terrace Library renovation
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Clarence Tanta Architect 300 Coleridge
Charles Tantau Architect 236 Churchill
C. W. Taylor and Sons Builder 212 High (Trolley Barn)
Terra Nova Industries   Old Winery restoration, Stanford (2017)
John Hudson Thomas Architect 1680 Bryant, 628 Middlefield; his work was mainly in the East Bay in Berkeley
Mary D. Thomas Architect 1432 Webster
Alfred G. Thompson Builder 212 214 Homer
William Thompson Builder 1200 Bryant
Curtis Tobey, Jr. Architect 660 Waverley (demolished)
David Toews Construction Builder 617 High landscaping
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H. L. Upham Architect / Builder 271 Addison, 200 Homer, 381 Hawthorne, 443 Kipling
Vance Brown Builder Peterson Building rehabilitation; Hoover Pavilion restoration
George H. Van Epps Builder 627 Channing
H. Van Polen Architect / Builder 2105, 2114, 2115, 2124 Oberlin
Aino Vieira da Rosa Architect 358 Addison rehabilitation;601 Melville Avenue restoration (2017)
Carl Walstrom Builder 1415 Cowper
Carl Warnecke Architect 271 University
Sarah Warto Landscape Design 601 Melville Avenue restoration
Chris WasneyArchitect
Webcor Builders Builder 819 Ramona rehabilitation
William Henry Weeks Architect 251 University, 235 Hamilton (Cardinal Hotel) Lobby
Weeks and Day Architect Stanford Theater
Ralph Emerson Welles Builder 931 Addison
James W. Wells Builder 209 Homer (with A. W. Caulkins), 374 Kingsley, 465 Melville
E. A. Williams and M. P. Madison Architects 119 Bryant
P. W. Wilson Builder 771 Lytton
Margaret WimmerResidential Designer251 Lincoln Avenue restoration
Frank W. Wise Builder 1052 Bryant
Frank D. Wolfe Architect /  Builder 1052 Bryant, 711 Cowper, 860 University
Frank Lloyd Wright Architect National Register Hanna–Honeycomb House at Stanford
William Wilson Wurster Architect 2240 Cowper, 1570 Emerson, 305 Churchill
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