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Because photos are found on many different pages, this listing should help you find the house or building you are looking for. This is a work in progress, so most streets are incomplete or not photographed yet. But, not only are there pictures of houses found on other pages of this site, but also many of neighboring houses that help define the character of its location.

The information for each includes, if known, the year built, Palo Alto Inventory of Historic Buildings category, recognition of being awarded a Preservation Award, inclusion on a tour (Holiday House Tour or self–guided walking tour), architect/builder and other unique information about the building. Properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places are also identified. The identifying photo either links to a larger image, or, most commonly, to the Inventory page associated with it. Note: Some homes were identified by Dames and Moore as part of their 1998 survey of homes built before 1940. While the report was not adopted/accepted by the City Council, the findings regarding possible inclusion on either the National Register or California Register of Historic Places is indicated on this listing as "Deemed (or) Considered ... eligible by Dames and Moore in 1998."

The Palo Alto Historical Association book, Streets of Palo Alto, 2007 Edition, is the source for the history of the street names. Timothy Hopkins and William Mills named the original streets when Palo Alto was established. Writers names are prominent in their choices. House numbers are being added to this listing as time permits.

The Palo Alto Style page is a source for locating examples of a specific architectural style.

If you have photos or information to add to our list, please email the Most of these pictures have been taken in the last seven years, so anything older, or newer, would be greatly appreciated!

"Prof" denotes an unclassified Professorville home.

To help you locate where a particular address is, as a general rule, remember that streets run between Menlo Park and Mountain View (parallel to El Camino Real, Alma, Middlefield and Bayshore) and that avenues cross them, going from El Camino Real to the bay. College Terrace is a notable exception to this. According to the 1915–1916 Directory of Palo Alto, Mayfield and Stanford University published by Willis L. Hall, this arrangement allows all homes some sun each day.

Avenue house numbers 700 and higher are on the bay side of Middlefield Road.

East of El Camino Real, even numbers are to the south, and odd, on the north. Also, numbering of houses changes from time to time due to subdividing lots or other considerations. So, if you are looking for a particular house number, be sure to check numbers that may now be assigned to the one you are looking for.

Except for Cornell, streets in College Terrace are in alphabetical order beginning with Amherst furtherest from El Camino Real. The "*" indicates that the owner accepted a centennial plaque.

no photo This symbol represents a structure which does not have a photo.

Important:  The current house number may be different from the one you are searching. This is especially evident in College Terrace and other areas that have been annexed to Palo Alto or by owner request.


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