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2013 Preservation Awards

18th Annual Celebration

This year the celebration was held May 19 at The Palo Alto Woman's Club, 475 Homer Avenue. Our guest speaker Dave Weinsten's topic "What's Modern About Bay Area Modern Architecture" included many local examples.

Plaques to were presented to owners of century–old homes and the afternoon concluded with the presentation of preservation awards to six deserving projects.

206 Homer

206–210 Homer Avenue
212-214 Homer

212–214 Homer Avenue
Art Center

Palo Alto Art Center
Hoover Pavilion

Hoover Pavilion
859 Lytton

859 Lytton Avenue
Sunbonnet House

1061 Bryant Street


Haley Stevens and Judith Mattingly Brian George and Dave Weinstein Margaret Feuer serving cake
Board members Haley Stevens and Judith Mattingly Videographer Brian George and Speaker Dave Weinsien President Margaret Feuer serving cake to guests

2013 Residential Restoration and Addition Award: 859 Lytton Avenue

Presented to
Azar Lohrasbpour, Owner
Charles Brown, Architect
Joe Bettencourt of Straightline Construction, Contractor

for the restoration of and addition to 859 Lytton Avenue which replicates the original 1909 design, footprint, room layout, woodwork and unusual brick siding. A partial 2nd storey was added behind the original cross gable roof. The house is an extraordinary example of neighborhood preservation.

Joe Bettencourt and Azar Lohrasbpour
859 Lytton Owner certificate
Architect certificate 2nd story
windows and brick Contractor certificate
front light
entry 859 Lytton


2013 Residential Re–restoration and Renovation Award: 1061 Bryant Street

Presented to
Michael and Caroline Hu Flexer, Owners
Hans Baldauf, Architect
Pete Moffat, Contractor

for the restoration and renovation of the Sunbonnet House which restored the cantilevered gambrel roof, the open stairwell, dining room and wood paneled living room of this Bernard Maybeck house while renovating its living spaces and foundation. The house is an outstanding example of the Bay Area Arts and Crafts movement and is on Palo Alto's Historic Inventory.

Michael Flexer and Pete Moffat
1061 Bryant Owner certificate
Architect certificate entry through fence
bench Contractor certificate
chimney side
lawn roof detail from side


2013 Commercial Rehabilitation: Thompson Bakery, 206–210 Homer Avenue

Presented to

The Kruss Family, Owners
Lippert & Lippert Design, Architect
Lindstrom & Son Builders, Contractor

for the rehabilitation of Palo Alto's second oldest remaining retail store front which provided seismic stabilization of the 1907 soft–story wood frame building. Original wood ceilings, floors, interior paneling and exterior siding were painstakingly dismantled, and numbered for installation of a steel brace frame and then reinstalled. New double hung windows were matched to the two remaining original sashes. The Thompson Bakery will remain part of Palo Alto's historic fabric for another 106 years.

Lee Lippert and Kruss Family
206 Homer Owner certificate
Architect certificate window
plaque Contractor certificate
206 - 210 Homer window detail


2013 Commercial Rehabilitation: Thompson Bakery, 212–214 Homer Avenue

Presented to

The Kruss Family, Owners
Lippert & Lippert Design, Architect
Lindstrom & Son Builders, Contractor

for a rehabilitation which preserved and restored the original 1927 concrete and steel structure by harvesting and reinstalling the original ribbed chicken wire glass and refurbishing the industrial steel windows and doors. Also, electrical utilities were undergrounded. Originally a commercial bakery distributing baked goods throughout the Peninsula, today it houses hi–tech start up incubators.

Lee Lippert and Kruss Family
212-214 Homer Owner certificate
award Palo Alto Bread
window and tile Contractor certificate
Bakery corner
window upper window


2013 Institutional Restoration and Remodel Award: Hoover Pavilion

Presented to
Stanford University Medical Center, Owner
Tom Eliot Fisch, Architect
Page & Turnbull, Preservation Architects
Vance Brown Builders, Contractor

for the restoration and remodel of the 1931–1939 Hoover Pavilion which preserved the Art Deco facade, lighting fixtures and windows and replicated the original finial atop the former Palo Alto Hospital. These preservation efforts ensure that this building remains eligible for the California and National Registers.

Hoover Attendees
side Owner certificate
Architect certificate entry
detail Page & Turnbull certificate
Contractor certificate finial
decorative screen art deco glass
Original Hoover Hospital current appearance


2013 Institutional Restoration and Remodel Award: Palo Alto Art Center

Presented to
City of Palo Alto, Owner
Mark Cavagnero Associates, Architect
Big–D Pacific, Contractor

for the revitalization of the Palo Alto Arts Center which involved restoring exterior wood siding and gutters. New windows matched the shape and character of the old and a new entrance was carefully inserted into the original drive–up window in order to minimize change to the historic fabric. The landscaping was developed to define this entrance. Internally, dropped ceilings were removed to expose and celebrate the existing trusses.

Karen Kienzle and Bern Beecham representing the Art Center and The City of Palo Alto

entry Owner certificate
Architect certificate sculpture
ceiling Contractor certificate
patio back
front auditorium




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