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2000 Preservation Awards

Preservationist of the Year: Karen Holman

For many years Karen has been involved in the Palo Alto community; it is our good fortune that much of that involvement has been in the area of preservation. She is President of Neighbors for Preservation; represents the historic viewpoint on the SoFA Working Group; has served on PAST Heritage's board as President and board member; and now serves on the Palo Alto Historical Association's Board. Her dedication and her concern for a wide range of preservation issues has been constant and on-going.

Community Preservation Award: The Luce Foundation

St. Ann's

When St. Ann's Chapel, whose architectural merit has often been noted, was closed in 1998 and the property offered for sale, The Luce Foundation purchased the chapel to ensure its preservation. St. Ann's Chapel was built in 1950 with a donation from Claire Booth Luce as a memorial to her daughter. Vincent Raney was the architect.

Certificate of Recognition: Gladys Woodhams

601 Melville
A recognition of Gladys Woodhams' dedication to preservation, culminating in her successful effort to place her home at 601 Melville on the National Register.

Residential Preservation Project Award and
Excellence in Historic Design Award: 1027 Emerson Street

1027 Emerson Street /

A slight expansion and remodeling at the rear of Alice Wilder Hall's 1904 house on the edge of Professorville resulted in a sense of space far greater than the square footage added. The exterior historic character of the house remained unchanged while the appealing, compatible new space has enhanced the interior of the house.

Virginia Schutte's projects on older houses have been sensitive to the styles of the house while meeting the needs of the homeowner, and have maintained the house's exterior character. 1027 Emerson was a Schutte Design project.

Residential Preservation Project Award: 381 Guinda Street

381 Guinda

Dave and Jan Baszucki's textbook Craftsman Bungalow was built in 1909. All the significant elements of the house's exterior have been kept and refurbished, including the unique second floor sleeping porch. Their rehabilitation of the interior and exterior has turned the house into a residence for a contemporary family and at the same time kept the house's historic integrity and returned it to its original presence.

Residential Preservation Project Award: 101 Waverley

101 Waverley

Timothy and Anne Meyer's 1904 four–square house had two earlier additions at the rear. The later of the two additions was reworked in conjunction with remodeling and some new construction, all done without altering the historic character of the house. A final step was the removal of the composition siding to reveal the original lap siding underneath, a step that transformed the house into its true early 20th century appearance. (Note:  Work was done in 1999).

121 Waverley Street: Linda Scott of Scott Designs

121 Waverley

Linda Scott has designed new houses that are compatible with the older neighborhoods in which they were built, as well as remodeling existing older homes in a way that makes their historic character. 121 Waverley was a Scott Designs project.

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