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2017 Preservation Awards

22nd Annual Celebration

Awards were presented on May 7 in the Ballroom of the Lucie Stern Community Center. To celebrate PAST's 30th anniversary and the history of preservation in Palo Alto, Margaret Feuer spoke about the history of the preservation movement, Brian George mentioned the highlights of PAST's 30 years, Karen Hollman spoke on why we should preserve local history, and Steve Staiger reminded us what happened in 1917. After presentation of centennial plaques, preservation awards were made to six outstanding projects and then we finished the afternoon with strawberry shortcake!

Residential Preservation Awards
251 Lincoln

251 Lincoln Avenue
345 Lincoln

345 Lincoln Avenue

601 Melville

601 Melville Avenue
Non-Residential Preservation Awards
345 Forest

345 Forest Avenue
Old Winery

Old Winery, Stanford
Sapp Center

Sapp Center, Stanford


251 Lincoln Avenue

for the expansion and renovation of the 1903 Colonial Revival/Shingle Style home designed by Charles Hodges to meet current building standards. To offer modernized living space, non-historic and non-compliant areas were removed to allow for desired expansion and mechanical needs.

Wimmer 251
side award
Brandeis photo

Robert Brandeis "before" photo
intro Sam
Margaret at mic designers



345 Lincoln Avenue

The renovation of this Professorville landmark residence creates an inviting and compatible addition that connects the home directly to the gardens, creating seamless flow between interior and exterior. The property’s water tower was relocated and integrated as a key feature of the home, housing the main staircase that connects all levels, leading up to an office overlooking Palo Alto.

owner 345 Lincoln
tower architect
contractor 345
water tower side
345 Lincoln side view robert Brandeis photo

Robert Brandeis photo



601 Melville Avenue

for preserving this National Register house for another 100 years by restoring and reinforcing the original single family residence and protecting seven heritage trees. Original materials, including window panes, were re-used or matched with custom made elements. Interior spaces were carefully repaired.

owner 601 Melville
new deck architect
NorthWall gable
tower Warto
de la Cruz 2016 photo
widdow detail Robelo



345 Forest Avenue

The historic rehabilitation of this downtown Palo Alto icon included the removal of invasive vines in order to provide a comprehensive restoration of its character-defining ornamental concrete façade. Historic windows and railings were restored and the first floor was seismically upgraded. New storefronts and windows were added to the first floor that are compatible with the original design and provide maximum light to interior spaces.

owner 345 Forest
entry balconies
345 Forest architecture
fountail entry
contractor office



Sapp Center

for the seismic retrofit and rehabilitation of the Old Chem Building to house teaching laboratories in chemistry and biology and a consolidated science library. A compatible addition was constructed at the rear of the building. Old Chem, constructed in 1900 and closed since 1987, is the last building on the Stanford campus to complete its seismic retrofit.

owner Sapp Center
decoration star
gable CAW
EYP sign
side contractor
front corner
award Wasney



Old Winery

for restoration of one of the oldest buildings in Palo Alto designed by noted winery architect Hamden McIntyre in 1888. Ivy was removed for cleaning of brick surfaces, the lobby and courtyard were refurbished, and improvements were made to the restaurant area.

owner back
wing Karr
entry wing
Terra Nova rear
structure inside
Devcon street view
award outside


More photos

nametags name tag table
Dennis and Luana Steve and Brian
title introduction
Brian and two Margarets Huber family
awards audience


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