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Palo Alto Historic Buildings Inventory

1160 Bryant Avenue

1160 Bryant 1160 Bryant
Photo taken 1978. Photo taken January 16, 2010.

The following is from the Historic Buildings Inventory as revised in 1981:

Physical appearance:   This Colonial Revival design owes its feeling of solidity to manipulations of fenestration and proportion. A fine fence and gate and a trellis around the door extend the design motifs of the house beyond the structure proper.

Significance:  The first occupants, Mrs. Helen Campbell and her daughters, were succeeded (1913) by Mrs. Harriet Buffurn, widow of George A. Buffum; Frank L. Brown (1915), a commissioner of the Panama–Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco; Burt L. Davis (1866–1941), a prominent San Francisco insurance business man, head of various industrial firms, and father of the prominent Palo Alto physician Burt L. Davis; and, for over 20 years (1920–1942) Dr. and Mrs. John C. Silliman (1878–1935). More recently, it was the home of Wetmore Hodges, engineer, and his wife Margaret and the Sanford Webster family. At the time of the Inventory, the owners were Edward and Janet Estes.

Note: The black and white photos were taken in 1998 and are from the Palo Alto Historical Association Guy Miller Archive.


cat street sign
front of house1998 photo
sidePAHA photo
cat map


This house was built in 1909 and is a Category 4 on the Historic Buildings Inventory. Its plans were drawn by the firm of Lawrence Buck, 910 Steinway Hall, Chicago. The property measures 75 by 105 feet.


Sources: Palo Alto City Directories; Palo Alto Times 12/31/09, 11/28/35, 8/30/41.


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