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Centennial Plaques


Centennial buildings as listed by street. Some houses have multiple listings because they have been identified as being constructed in more than one year. Sometimes this is due to identification by the building permit date which was issued the year before occupancy.

Search by beginning letter of street name:

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181 181 Tasso Street, 1905

415 Tasso 415 Tasso Street, 1908

417 Tasso 417 Tasso Street, 1896

425 Tasso 425 Tasso Street, 1905

1435 Tasso 1435 Tasso Street *, 1918


299 Tennyson Avenue*, 1909

359 Tennyson 359 Tennyson Avenue *, 1901

520 Tennyson 520 Tennyson Avenue *, 1910

604 Tennyson 604 Tennyson Avenue*, 1909 Read about this house and compare current and historic photos

640 Tennyson Avenue, 1918

* Received plaque

666 666 Tennyson Avenue, 1916

* Received plaque

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