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Articles from the Daily News

These articles are written by Margaret Feuer. The text is as published, but the photographs are from PAST or the Guy Miller Archive of the Palo Alto Historical Association.

Articles by address   Articles by common name


2275 amherst 2275 Amherst Street 1061 Bryant Sunbonnet House — 1061 Bryant Street

1247 Cowper

Kathleen Norris House — 1247 Cowper Street
567 Hale Tobey House — 567 Hale Street

Post Office United States Post Office — 380 Hamilton Avenue 433 Kingsley 433 Kingsley Avenue
449 Seneca The Dayan House, 1895 — 449 Seneca Street

Hostess House Hostess House
— 25 University Avenue

Allied Arts Allied Arts Guild —
75 Arbor Road,
Menlo Park
Gamble HouseThe Gamble Estate — 1902 Roth Building Roth Building, 1932 — 300 Homer Avenue murals Arnatouff Murals — 300 Homer Avenue
Greer Farmhouse Greer Farmhouse — 1517 Louisa Court Hoover Pavilion Hoover Pavilion  — Quarry Road, Stanford 1990 Cowper Stern Houses — 1990 and 1950 Cowper Street
Belvoir springs Belvoir Springs 819 Ramona Street AME Zion Church — 819 Ramona Street Rengstorff House Rengstorff House — Shoreline Boulevard
Escondite Cottage Escondite Cottage — 150 Comstock Circle, Stanford
Peter Coutts Tower Frenchman's Tower — Page Mill Road 419 Maple 419 Maple
St Thomas Aquinas St. Thomas Aquinas Church — 751 Waverley Street 860 University 860 University — The Peck Wilson House, 1906 Pedro DeLemos Hacienda deLemos — 100 Waverley Oaks
1001 Forest Flint Mansion — 1001 and 1009 Forest Avenue Woman's Club The Woman's Club — 475 Homer Avenue 623 Mirada Lou Henry Hoover House — 623 Mirada, Stanford
Fairmeadows Eichler Joe Eichler and His Houses,
Greenmeadow community Center Joe Eichler and His Houses 1955–1974 hanna Honeycomb House Hanna–Honeycomb House
601 Melville 601 Melville
Theophilus Allen House – 1905
900 University 900 University Avenue — The Squire House — 1904
Payne douglass Mansion

2128 Valpariso, Menlo Park — Payne Douglass Mansion

2128 valpariso

2128 Valpariso, Menlo Park — Payne Douglass Mansion



Articles by Palo Alto or Stanford address

2275 Amherst Street

1061 Bryant Street

150 Comstock Circle, Stanford

1247 Cowper Street

1950 and 1990 Cowper Street

1001 and 1009 Forest Avenue

737 Frenchman's Road, Stanford

567 Hale Street

380 Hamilton Avenue

300 Homer Avenue

475 Homer Avenue

433 Kingsley Avenue

1517 Louisa Court

419 Maple Street

601 Melville Avenue

623 Mirada, Stanford

Old Page Mill Road

Quarry Road, Stanford

819 Ramona Street

449 Seneca Street

25 University Avenue

860 University Avenue

900 University Avenue

751 Waverley Street

1431 Waverley Street

100 Waverley Oaks

Articles by address in other cities

75 Arbor Road, Menlo Park

36990 Mission Boulevard, Niles

3070 North Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View

2128 Valpariso Avenue, Menlo Park, Part 1

2128 Valpariso Avenue, Menlo Park, Part 2



Articles by common name

Theophilus Allen House

Allied Arts Guild

AME Zion Church

Arnatouff Murals

Belvoir Springs

Dayan House

Eichlers 1945 – 1955

Eichlers 1955 – 1974

Escondite Cottage

Flint Mansion

Frenchman's Tower

Gamble Estate

Greer Farmhouse

Hacienda deLemos

Hanna–Honeycomb House

Hoover Pavilion

Hostess House

Kathlen Norris House

Payne—Douglass Mansion Part 1

Payne—Douglass Mansion Part 2

Peck–Wilson House

Roth Building

Lucie Stern Houses

Peter Coutts Tower

Rengstorff House

Squire House

St. Thomas Aquinas Church

Sunbonnet House

Tobey House

U.S. Post Office

Waverley Oaks

Peck–Wilson House

The Woman's Club



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