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Spring 2023 Palo Alto Walking Tours


Celebrate the centennial of Birge Clark's practice in Palo Alto on a walking tour that feature bits of loal color, well-known structures and little known facts. Bo Crane has created these tours and will be your tour guide on each of the tours.

All tours start at 10 a.m. on Saturday mornings and are about 1 1/2 level miles long

All tours are free, open to the pubic, and take about 90 miutes. No reservations are required, — just show up, but don't forget to bring water, sun or light rain protection. Walkers are also responsible for their own safety.

Tour     Meeting Place
April 29 North Palo Alto Ruthven, Hawthorne, Byron and Palo Alto Ave. 622 Palo Alto Avenue
Go north on Webster and turn right on Palo Alto Ave. for parking.
622 Palo Alto Ave.
May 6
Stanford Mayfield-Salvatierra neighborhood Attneave House, 589 Capistrano Way, at Mayfield Avenue 589 Capistrano
May 13 Downtown Birge Clark Birge Clark designs on Ramona Street and University Avenue   City Hall Plaza, 250 Hamilton Avenue City Hall
May 20 Mayfield Also includes Evergreen Park on the north side of California Avenue Sarah Wallis Park, Ash and Grant Sarah Wallis Park
May 27 Beyond Professorville Casaquerida, La Casa Abierta, Palo Club, Allen House, El Patio   1325 Cowper Street 1326 Cowper
June 10
Stanford Birge Clark on Campus in the Mayfield-Salvatierra Neighborhood Attneave House, 589 Capistrano Way, at Mayfield Avenue 589 Capistrano


Photos from past tours

Downtown tour Nov., 2022
14 people were on this tour.

Professorville Tour, October 23, 2022:
Professorville tour

Mallory, John and Bo
Birge Clark's granddaughter Mallory with husband John, and Bo Crane

Birge Clark Webster Tour, October 15, 2022:
Birge Clark Webster tour

Birge Clark Edgewood Tour, October 1, 2022:
Birge Clark Edgewood tour
Participants included Birge's son Dean!

Crescent Park, May 21, 2022:
Start of tour at Squire House
Squire House

Forest Court
Forest Court

Mayfield Tour, May 7, 2022:
Mayfield photos

Taken on the November 6, 2021 Barron Park tour:
Barron Park tour

Homer Avenue, November 3, 2018:
Homer AVenue

Professorville, October 20, 2018:
2018 Professorville

Crescent Park, September 28, 2013:
Crescent Park

Downtown/Homer May 5, 2012:
248 Homer

If you missed the latest tours or want a glimpse of past tours, check out the self-guided brochures describe below.

Self–Guided Tours

St. thomas Aquinas Homer Avenue Heritage Walk

Old laundries, the church from Harold and Maude, charming Victorian cottages—it's all on Homer Avenue!

College Terrace College Terrace

"Neat Cottages" and "Handsome Residences" define the flavor of College Terrace!

downtown brochure cover Downtown Walking Tour

Beautiful tiles abound! The brochure is currently being revised, so join the next tour!

Squire House Crescent Park  

There is no brochure for this tour yet—so join us on the next docent-led tour!

cover Professorville Sampler

This walk gives you a feel for this wonderful neighborhood that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was Palo Alto's first historical district! Read about early Professorville residents in "Who Was Who in Professorville" by columnist Ward Winslow, reprinted from the Sunday, October 13, 1985 Palo Alto Times Tribune.

door Holiday House Tours

Links to photos from past Holiday House Tours are on the Holiday House Tour page. (There are no plans to resume these tours.)


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