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Inventory News:

All the listings on the 1985 Historic Inventory are on our website! They will be up-dated as information becomes available. If you notice an error, please contact PAST so we can make the necessary adjustment. Thanks for assisting in this!

"Adaptive reuse should be the default, and demolition a last resort.":  Read what the National Trust has to say.

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Was your house built in 1917 or earlier?

1917 plaque

PAST is researching structures built in 1917. This one, on the Historic Inventory and designed by Charles Hodges at 369 Churchill Avenue was built in 1917, but many more modest homes were also built that year. Is your house one? Let us know.

369 Churchill


Pump House Banner

Have you driven down Palo Alto Avenue lately? Or glanced towards San Franscisquito Creek while crossing Hale Street? The pump house has ungone restoration to repair the ravages of time on this charming city building! The renovation is complete—see the after picture below!

pump work pump house with green door



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Have you seen this man?  

     He was locked in the University Arts store on Hamilton Avenue.

Is he still there now that the building is open again?


He escaped!

(Photo taken May 8, 2016.)

261 Hamilton



A sampling of homes from Mayfield! (Otherwise know as the California Avenue area.)
2053 Park

2053 Park Boulevard
2065 Park

2065 Park Boulevard
2110 Park
2110 Park Bouldvard
423 Oxford

423 Oxford Avenue
390 Oxford

390 Oxford Avenue
304 Oxford

304 Oxford Avenue

Have you followed these links?

Read about architectural styles found in Palo Alto and where examples can be found.

A newly discovered listing of important local people from the Palo Alto Historical Association's files which also provides an outline of Palo Alto's early history and links to many historic photographs!

Margaret Feuer's articles that first appeared in the Palo Alto Daily News.

Residents of the Los Arboles Eichler neighborhood gathered together to restore their sign and the clean up the overgrowth at Middlefield and Ames Avenue. See how the work progressed!

Then and Now... the windows on the tower are the clue to the identity of this 1895 house at 446 Forest Avenue.

433 Forest Avenue. John Moss photo  446 Forest Avenue today.   446 Forest side view


Attention researchers! The History Desk and Archives manned by historian Steve Staiger is now at its new site in room K–7 at Cubberley, 4000 Middlefield Road. Steve's hours remain the same, Tuesdays from 4 to 8 p.m. and Thursdays from 1 to 5 p.m. Most of the old photos used by PAST are from the Palo Alto Historical Association's archives.



Continuing local tid-bits not to be missed!  Even though the Palo Alto Daily News is no longer publishing history articles in the Friday real estate section, you can find most of them right here!


Demolitions . . . Always a concern. . . .

Two homes by prominent Palo Alto architects were demolished this summer. Others, both large and small are identified on the Demolition or appropriate house list page. Remember, "the greenest house is almost always the one already built". (Spring 2012, Preservation Magazine)

Possible demolition at 259 Santa Rita Avenue? Yes, it's different today than in 2013!

259 Santa Rita review signage

Take a look... at the master index of houses on this Website! There are links to houses all over town. If you have a photo of your house to add, please contact us! It could be an older photo, a more recent one, or even better, historic!

Playing on Heritage: Mayfield Memories

   Channel 30   




8 p.m.




10:00 a.m.




1 p.m.   

Note: These monthly Heritage programs are also shown on Channel 28 at less convenient times, or are available at the same times on the Media Center web site,


Volunteer Opportunity: Video Operators Wanted:
The Media Center public access organization has openings for City Hall Video Operators. These part-time positions provide live video coverage of local government meetings. Most work is on Monday through Thursday evenings. Some experience with video production is important. Working in public access is a rewarding way to use your technical expertise to provide the important public service of broadcasting the decision making processes of government.

For more information please visit


If you don't have access to cable, you can also watch on your computer at the same times on the web page for the Media Center:

If you missed any of the broadcasts, such as the programs about Edward Durell Stone, Jeanne McDonnell's presentation on Juana Briones, or the presentation that included 2005 Bryant Street, they are available on DVD to borrow from the History Desk located in Room K-7 at the Cubberley Center on Middlefield Road. The History Desk is open Tuesday evenings from 4 to 8 and Thursday afternoons from 1 to 5.

Palo Alto Remembered: Stories from a City's Past published by the Palo Alto Historical Association find out more

Architectural Styles



Palo Alto homes feature a rich variety of architectural styles. There are several similar scattered throughout Palo Alto.

Discover more Palo Alto styles and see more sketches.

Read about this 1917 Turdor Revival house at 369 Churchill.

Links to videos from the Palo Alto Historical Association's Exploring the Archives . . . National Register Properties in Palo Alto . . . Places to Visit . . . and more are on our Resources page.

Do you recognize anything in these photos? Do you know where they were taken?

University Ave. 1941
University Avenue, 1941
Nortree Hall
Nortree Hall, not rebuilt after 1906 earthquake
318 Middlefield
318 Middlefield
Byxbee Real Estate
Byxbee Real Estate Office
Russell Lee and Birge Clark
Dr. Russell Lee and Birge Clark
Escondite Cottage on Stanford University Campus
Stanford cottage. Do you know who lived here?
BOD Bank of Palo Alto
Board of Directors of the Bank of Palo Alto

Do you have an old photo to share?
Please contact us!



Find it fast

Architects and builders who worked in Palo Alto into the 1960's.
Preservation Awards by Year
Birge Clark
Early Palo Altans
Photos of houses by address
Daily News Articles
Edgewood Plaza
Hangar One
History Links
Charles Hodges
Juana Briones
Los Arboles
National Register Properties at Stanford and Palo Alto
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Not that far from home. . .

Nevada City residents are struggling with the realities of maintaining two art deco treasures. Read the National Trust for Historic Preservation's story about this historic Gold Rush town.


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