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Charles Edward Hodges, Architect

Charles Edward Hodges (1866–1943) started work as a draftsman for Charles Coolidge whose firm designed numerous buildings at Stanford including the Memorial Arch at the entrance to the campus and the Memorial Church. When Coolidge left Stanford, Hodges became Stanfordís resident architect and took over supervising construction of the projects.

Original Memorial Arch

Hodges participated in the design the Stanford Gymnasium and revised the plans for the 100 foot tall Memorial Arch, both of which were badly damaged by the 1906 earthquake. As a result of criticism implying that the architect was at fault, Hodges resigned from Stanford.

Griffin-Drell House  Griffin–Drell House, Stanford

The Griffin–Drell house, built on the Stanford Campus in 1893, was the 12th house on faculty row. Although it has been moved from itís original site it remains one of the oldest houses on campus. The house at 565 Mayfield was built in 1899.

565 Mayfield  565 Mayfield, Stanford

His residences in Palo Alto (designed both before and after the earthquake) include the following:

369 Churchill  369 Churchill Avenue, c. 1919

340 Coleridge 340 Coleridge Avenue, c. 1915

It is interesting to note that this house on Coleridge, built the year before the Woman’s Club was started, has a bay window and half timbering similar to the Woman’s Club.

Woman's Club 475 Homer Avenue

The Woman's Club, 1916. When the Palo Alto Womanís Club chose architect Charles Edward Hodges to design their new clubhouse (1916) at the corner of Cowper Street and Homer Avenue he had already designed numerous sororities, fraternities and residences at Stanford and in Palo Alto.

Hodges also designed the house built in 1906 at 469 Homer, which is adjacent to the Club, and in 1910, the house diagonally across the street at 460 Homer.

469 Homer 469 Homer, 1906


460 Homer 460 Homer, 1910


inventory photo
curent appearance  803 Cowper Street

The top photo is the one on the Historic Inventory of 1979 of Cowper sideof 803 while the Homer side is shown on the lower photo. It was built in 1904, 10–12 years before the Woman's Club clubhouse construction started.

803 Cowper 

The ablove photo is of the Cowper Street view of 803 Cowper.


Other homes in the area:

251 Lincoln  251 Lincoln Avenue, c. 1904

Read more about 251 Lincoln.

536 Lincoln  536 Lincoln Avenue, c. 1897
This house was originally located at 1103 Cowper

1146 Waverley  1146 Waverley, c. 1893

Read more about 1146 Waverley, the RobertsĖSmith House.


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