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Palo Alto Historic Buildings Inventory

509 Hale Street

Goodman House

inventory photo 509
Inventory photo Photo taken September 28, 2013


The following is from the Historic Buildings Inventory as revised in 1985:

Physical appearance:   A large, two-and-one-half story, free-wheeling Queen Anne design with a complex gambrel roof, unusual staggered chimney, and a varied array of dormers, bays, and other window types of the period. The house combines the forms and images of its style and era in an adventurous manner, at once dignified and playful. the enclosure of a ground floor porch and the joining of what were originally two separate dormers do not compromise the irregular and picturesque composition.

Significance:  This is the finest example of its style in Palo Alto. It was built at a cost of $7000 for T. H. Goodman, general passenger agent for Southern Pacific. After his death in 1914, it was briefly occupied by Major William A. Cattell, a civil engineer and Army officer in World War I.

From 1919 – 1926, D. H. and Mrs. E. Arnold occupied the house, followed (1931 – 1940) by Edward H. and Idelle Mitchell. The Mitchells retired from San Francisco, were he had engaged in oil company and other business interests.

Maurice and Bertha Roos, owners of the Roos 5 & 10 ¢ store on California Avenue, lived in the house from 1944 – 1950, having come from Belgium to the United states in 1939.

Charles and Opal Cluff, who lived in Palo Alto and Modesto for various lengths of tie after World War II, were occupants in the 1970s. He was employed in a Redwood City wholesale plumbing firm; she was a beauty shop owner. The next occupants were Drs. Wolfgang and Kersti Huber.


window windows
balcony eaves
corner windows
corner window corner
dormer entry
gate map
Location map

This house was built in 1897 and is a Category 2 on the Historic Buildings Inventory. The architect was W. T. Rhoads, landscape architecture was by A. M. Mayberry, and the builder was Dean and Powell. The property measures 124 by 150 feet.

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