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360 Kellogg Avenue

Centennial Home

Built in 1919

360 Kellogg

This beautiful home on the corner of Waverley and Kellogg was built by Harry B. Reynolds and his wife Charlotte.

Dr. Reynolds was chief of the surgery clinic at the Cooper Medical School in San Francisco. He was also a member of the city council, planning commission, and school board in Palo Alto.

The Reynolds’ had lived at 1143 Bryant before they built this house. The house encompasses 4,661 square feet on a 20,037 SF lot, has four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Reynolds and his wife were both graduates of Stanford, classes of 1896 and 1903, respectively.

At one time the house was numbered 342 Kellogg. A separate, now bears that number.

342 Kellogg

The architect Birge Clark designed a guest house on the property in March, 1928. The lot was later subdivided and that dwelling is now numbered 1450 Waverley Street.

Later owners were Edd E. and Jean K. Rountree, a partner in Stypes–Rountree & Co. in San Francisco.

Mrs. Reynolds died in January 1957 (obit 1/21/57).

The house is unoccupied at present, as a full basement is being constructed under it.




Photos taken April 7, 2014

The half timbered cottage behind the fence was originally part of this property.

cottage behind fence

This house was deemed eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and the California Register of Historic Resources in 1998.

Sources: 1955 Stanford Alumni directory: Reynolds, Harry B. AB Physiol. 96 Medicine, Retired; 342 Kellogg Avenue Palo Alto, California

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Charlotte Amelia Rixon, Housewife, 342 Kellogg Avenue, Palo Alto, California


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