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324 Emerson Street

Centennial Home

Built circa 1902

Compass Real Estate photo taken January 2023:

Real Estate photo

Photos taken October 11, 2015:

324 Emerson dressed for Halloween

1902 Centennial plaque
The centennial plaque is located on the left porch pillar.

Location maps from City of Palo Alto Parcel Report:

  map   map

This house was on the 1999 Holiday House Tour. The following was printed in the brochure for that tour.

Suggestive of the Craftsman bungalow style, due to the comfortable porch and hipped roof with a wide overhang and exposed rafters, this substantial house was recently restored to a single family home. The exterior shell of the dwelling is almost exactly as it was when originally built, but the interior has been substantially redesigned, and a basement was added.

The house was originally constructed for Amos and Lydia Winsor. They retired to Palo Alto from New York state where he had been a farmer. He served as a driver for a livery stable in the earliest days of his residency in Palo Alto. Mrs. Winsor and her sister had a number of other houses built in the city, some as investments.


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