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1918 Centennial Plaques and Preservation Awards Photos

Plaques were presented on Sunday, May 6, 2018 at the Lucie Stern Ballroom. The afternoon started off with a salute to Paly High which will celetrate the 100th anniversary of the Tower Building later this year. Following that, centennial plaques were presented to homes built in 1918 and also to 459 Channing, which was built in1896. The final plaque presented was to the 1918 Julia Morgan Hostess House from Camp Fremont. Barbara Wilcox and Steve Staiger shared the early (Barbara) and more recent (Steve) history of what we now know as MacArthur Park Restaurant.

Preservation awards were given to three very worthy projects: 1027 Bryant Street, Kingscote Gardens and Roble Gym.

Doug Debs and Rich Green

Steve Staiger, Bo Crane and Brian George

Saxton family, 610 Melville

guests, Beth Bunnenburg and Nancy Huber

Luana Staiger distributing programs

1020 High owners, Alan Peterson & Janis Stevenson

Bob French and Janet Peacock


CAWand Brian Kelly

img src="../Images/PresWeek/pw2018/2018Event/5863BrianKellyCarolMitchell.jpg" alt="Carol Mitchell" width="504" height="378" />

PAHA members

Janet and Guy Dijulio

award winners

hamming it up!

Verna and Doug Graham

centennial home owners

Laura Jones

Paly  reps

Miriam Palm

David Bower and Lee Lippert

Faz and wife

1020 High Street owners

Chris and Jane Botsford

Molly Tinney at book table

Jerry Tinney


start of program



Luana and Rachel

David Bower



Brian George




1020 High

1020 High

1020 High

610 Melville

1435 Tasso

640 Tennyson

110 Waverley

1400 Webster

459 Channing

459 Channing

Hostess House

Hostess House

Barbara Wilcox


1027 Bryant award

Bryant award

Kingscote Gardens award


Laura Jones

Deborah Cooper

Roblem Gym

Chris Bet of Devcon and Laura Jones


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