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2014 Centennial Plaques

These pictures are from the 2014 birthday party which included a slide show highlighting each home and a brief history of it—including the original cost! The presentations were held at the Lucie Stern Community Center. Owners each shared something about their home.


cake Beacom family
video screen 633 Hawthorne
765 Santa Ynez owner 765 Santa Ynez
756 Santa Ynez, Stanford: 1909
owner and Steve Staiger
Owner, 637 Alvarado Row, Stanford
637 Alvarado Row
1680 Bryant Street
1680 Bryant Street
1040 Campus Drive
1040 Campus Drive, Stanford
222 Fulton
222 Fulton Street
633 Hawthorne
633 Hawthorne Avenue
457 Kingsley
457 Kingsley Avenue
675 Lytton
675 Lytton Avenue
1024 Ramona
1024 Ramona Street
775 Santa Ynez
755 Santa Ynez, Stanford
120 Waverley
120 Waverley street
744 Waverley
744 Waverley Street
1432 Webster
1432 Webster Street
refreshments coffee time
guests family



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