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Palo Alto High School Haymarket Theater and Tower Building

Painting of Palo Alto High School

Averted! 2018 New Threat!!! There were plans to put solar panels along the El Camino Real parking space that will hide the school from view!

PAST's efforts and concerns over the current Palo Alto High School master planning process which were successful!. The view of Palo Alto High School's Haymarket Theater from Embarcadero Road is preserved.

The focus of our concerns revolved around

Early master plans showed the proposed new 600 seat theater directly in front of the Haymarket Theater with itıs "rear" end facing Embarcadero. Since then, after much community reaction and PASTıs own voiced concerns about this proposed location has resulted in a new location which is now the preferred plan.

We even were able to schedule a special meeting with the District, Paly school staff and the architect doing the master plan to review the master plan and to discuss the process that the District has gone through in order to arrive at this "final" master plan.

PAST will be certain to be a constant presence during this process and do all we can to ensure that the significant historical resources that we have at Paly are preserved.

Palo Alto High School Google image

El Camino Real is at the lower left corner and Alma Street is at the upper right.


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