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2021 Preservation Awards

25th Presentation

Preservation awards were announced during a joint Zoom program with PAHA (Palo Alto Historical Association) on November 7, 2021. In addition to the awarding of preservation awards to three worthy projects, 1920 structures were announced, PAHA honored Brian George with the Steve Staiger Award, Lee Lippert and Steve Staiger both described various processes and outcomes of researching your property. A video of the program is available on Vimeo by clicking this link.

281 352 Stanford
526 Waverley
281 Addison Avenue 352 Stanford Avenue 526 Waverley Street

281 Addison Avenue:   Historic Preservation Award

Award certificate

Owners: Maura Carta & David Greenlaw

Designer: Margaret Wimmer

Contractor: John Herrera, Post and Lintel Construction


281 Addison

Owner certificate

historic photo
Palo Alto Historical Association photo

Margaret Wimmer photo of work in progress:
Margaret Wimmer photo during construction

Margaret Wimmer photo of completed work:

Owner David Greenlaw photo of completed work with garage:
Finished rear of house and garage

contractor award

Rear and garage before, taken August 2, 2010:

rear and garage August 2, 2010

Robert Brandeis photo:

Robert Brandeis photo

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Neighborhood Preservation Award:  352 Stanford Avenue

Stanford award


Owner:  Stanford University

Stanford Project Management:  David Kirk, Department of Project Management

Architect:  Heather Young, Heather Young Architects

Project Manager:  Tim Shockey, Heather Young Architects

Contractor:  Brett Magnani, DeMattei Construction Inc.

Project Manager:  Nate Irons, DeMattei Construction Inc.

Stanford Director of Heritage Services:  Laura Jones

Project Manager award

2010  photo
Photo taken September 23, 2010

side Nate Irons
inside hall door detail

Driveway side September 28, 2018

August 31, 2018 photo

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Commercial Preservation Award:  526 Waverley Street

Thoits Certificate


Owner: Thoits Bros., Inc., John Shenk CEO

Architect: Randy Popp, Randolph Popp Architect

Project Manager: Thoits Bros., Inc., John Shenk CEO

Contractor:  SiliconX Construction, Inc.

Contractor:  Paul Lewis Construction

Key Supplier:  Fireclay Tile, Grace Oosbree

City of Palo Alto:  Amy French, Chief Planning Official


after Popp aaward
SiliconX award

1988 photo
Photo taken by HRB in 1988

before restoration
Photo dated October 20, 2017

Paul Lewis award
Fireclay award corner tile
tille work Amy French award
iron detail iron work

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