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2019 Preservation Awards

Fowler Mansion, 1170 Ramona Street

24nd Annual Celebration

The award was presented on May 5 at the Palo Alto Art Center at 1313 Newell Road during a joint meeting with the Palo Alto Historical Association. Centennial plaques were presented and Daniel Garber, FAIA gave an illustrated talk about local architecture.

This 1902 home was rotated 90 degrees to better fit the lot which had been narrowed by prior subdivisions. The fully rehabilitated exterior, included return of the original shingle roof and refurbishment/replacement of windows, shingle siding, trim, wrap around porch and widow’s walk. The interior was redesigned to complement a modern lifestyle.

All set for the next 100 years!

Owner: Max and Nahid Keech

Architect:  International Design Group

Contractor: Building & Beyond


taken atht eoriginal address of 221 Kingsley

During: August 30, 2015

street view

After, April 24, 2018:
moved house

Kingsley side of house


owner award

Architects certificate

Contractor award


Link to printed program.

Candid shots:

chat time

Dan Garber


Lee Lippert

Dan Garber

Steve Emslie

strawberry shortcake!

dessert time

Bo Crane, Jerry Tinney, Steve Staiger

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