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2201 Byron Street



The following is from the 2009 Holiday House Tour booklet:

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Wood commissioned this house in 1938. They later added a second floor, likely by Stedman, that provided a porch below as well. The present owners, both architects, purchased the house from the Woods in 1996 and have sensitively remodeled it. There is less use of wood as a finish material on the interior than in other houses on the tour, as the interior walls are plaster. There is a touch of streamlined "moderne" with Stedman's use of door casings flush with the walls, and the very horizontal exterior fagade with elongated window glass in the front office.

early photo

Early photograph

The living room features an elegant fireplace, and the graduated built-in shelving is original. Note the substantial wood window sills throughout. The office was originally the master bedroom.

corner windows

The present owners have sensitively remodeled the kitchen. They removed a laundry area and bedroom closets to lengthen and widen the room. The window at the kitchen sink was originally in the garage; the old kitchen window was moved to the new master bedroom. Notice the new heavy wood open shelving in the kitchen, a nod to those in the living room. Also added was a back door as well as a "mud room slot" at the kitchen entry.

living room

The original single large upstairs room was converted into two smaller bedrooms and a study. The present owners installed a wood floor and stairs (originally linoleum) and remodeled the bath.


The new master bedroom, off the kitchen, was a spare bedroom, with a door originally leading to the dining room as well as to the laundry. The current owners enlarged the brick patio. The original owners had a victory garden at the back, planned from the beginning; the original site plan labels it as "Orchard/garden."

dining room Carolin Willis
2201 Byron fireplace


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