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Palo Alto Historic Buildings Inventory

635 Emerson Street

Acme Glass Company

The following is from the Historic Buildings Inventory as revised in 1988:

Physical appearance:   This single-story (with mezzanine) poured-in-place concrete building has an Art Deco façade featuring glass and aluminum. 5/16" tick red and yellow vitrolite glass panels and yellow glarweld approximately 20" square predominate the façade. Red is the accent color and occurs at a band above the window and as diamond ornaments on either side of a red glass sign with 12" high letters in a pump font. An aluminum 24" high fascia with bottom at 36: p.c. occurs over the front of the building. A centered aluminum entry door is a store front window system are other important elements. A wood door was the original entry. The northern half of the building was completely remodeled with a drive-through entry and roll-up door being enclosed by a store front window. Much of the damaged vitrolite has been replaced with painted safety glass.

Significance:  One of the few remaining examples of the Moderne architectural style in the downtown area.


This house was built in 1938 and is a Category 4 on the Historic Buildings Inventory. The builder and property size are not noted.


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