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Palo Alto Historic Buildings Inventory

1310 Bryant Street

Castilleja School for Girls: Administration Building (1910) and Chapel (1926)

1310 Bryant Street 1310 Bryant Street
Inventory photo of Administration Building taken in 1978. Administration Building photo taken in 2010.

The following is from the Historic Buildings Inventory as revised in 1985:

Physical appearance: The Administration Building and the Chapel (1926) are the only structures on the campus remaining from the early years without major alteration. The Craftsman styling of the Administration building presents extended overhanging eaves and sturdy brackets, and generous windows in pairs and triples. The ground floor facade is pebble–dash stucco, and shingles sheathe the upper level. The Chapel, although later, blends effectively with the earlier structure. The two and one–half story building has a gabled roof over the central portion, and shed roofs over the one–story wings. Large windows are paired and shingles cover the surface. An outside fireplace stands at the rear near the two-story circular apse.

Significance: The Administration Building remains to characterize the architectural appearance of Castilleja School in its earliest years, in the form given by Heald and Laumeister to its initial residence, school house, gymnasium, and bungalow. Skillful design for the Chapel retains the harmony of the original structures. With respect to the school itself, see 1121 Bryant Street. The Chapel was dedicated to Miss Elizabeth G. Hughes, assistant principal for Miss Mary Lockey.


Castilleja detail
Administration Building photos taken May 29, 2010 after renovation.
chapel chapel back
Chapel photos (field side and circle side) taken March 30, 2018 by Heather Pang.
location sketch map  


The Administtration Building, built in 1910, and the Chapel, built in 1926, and are a Category 3 on the Historic Buildings Inventory. Roy C. Heald (architect for Administration Building), Gus Laumeister, Wells P. Goodenough, and Birge Clark (chapel architect) were responsible for the design and construction. The property measures 400 by 500 feet.

Sources: The Tall Tree, I, #4, October, 1957, p. 7/8; Palo Alto City Directories; Palo Alto Times 4/1/10 (illustrated), 4/30/10, 5/2/10, 12/30/10, 1/2/19, 1/3/21, 7/26/23, 3/20/26, 3/22/26, 7/11/29; Book 354 (Deeds), p. 467, 3/31/10 (Santa Clara Co. Recorder); interviews, 1985, Birge M. Clark, Ginny Monroe (Castilleja School).


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