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3444 Ashton Court — Demolished
3444 Ashton

This Stern and Price home was completed in August 1952.  Sixty years later, it still shows its mid–Century Modern roots as evidenced in the kitchen with original cabinetry, and the bullet light fixture in one of the bedrooms. Other models had a galley kitchen, but the cabinetry was the same.

kitchen dining ell
kitchen fireplace
living room bedroom
entry bathroom

This home, built in 1952, was demolished in 2012.

Note from son of original owner: "In both my mom's house (that was the demolished 3444) and my house we never painted the wood paneling in the living rooms. I always thought that was such a special feature. But before sale and or rental the realtor insisted that I paint it to "brighten it up." I resisted as best I could but ultimately gave in. You can see in this photo I took of 3444 right after my mom's death how the paneling still glowed. (In 3434 it was darker and had lost whatever original shine it had, but I still liked it.)

I sure hate the total lack of appreciation for these houses. It's like saying to an auto collector, if you have a 1953 top-of-the-line Cadillac, it's a museum piece, but a 1953 Chevy is just an old car and should be crushed."

original paneling