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2016 Preservation Awards

21th Annual Celebration

Awards were presented on May 15 in the Ballroom of the Lucie Stern Community Center. The room was filled to capacity by the time the program started!

The celebration began with the presentation of centennial plaques to owners of century–old homes. Steven Eichler, grandson of Joseph Eichler, spoke on Eichler Comes to Palo Alto, after which he presented the PAST awards to the Green Gables community and the Greenmeadow community honoring their inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

audience early arrivals
attendees Steve Staiger and Gail Woolley
Jerry tinney, Dennis Garcia, and Chris Botsford people
strawberry shortcake 250 Byron guests
plaque Cowper owners


Neighborhood Preservation Awards Individual Awards
Steven Eichler and Jinny Henke
Green Gables
receiving award

Preservationist of the Year:   

Margaret Feuer

175 Byron Street
Medico-Dental Building

Lifetime Achievement Awards: 

Dennis Backlund

Gail Woolley




2016 Neighborhood Preservation Award: Green Gables

Presented to the Green Gables Community

in recognition of their 2005 listing as a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1950, the Green Gables subdivision is a significant example of Eichler aesthetics with mid-20th century modernist style. The Eichler Historic Quest Committee deserves special recognition for their extensive work to establish the foundation for the historic district registration.

Steven Eichler presented the award to Jinny Henke, a member of the Green Gables Historic Quest Committee.

Gren Gables certificate

provate plaque
726 Wildwood 1990 Channing
619 Wildwood 1917 Channing
entry 1996 Channing 1916 Ivy Lane
1961 Ivy Lane

See all the Green Gables Eichlers on Channing Avenue, Greer Road,  Ivy Lane, and Wildwood Lane.



2016 Neighborhood Preservation Award: Greenmeadow

Presented to the Greenmeadow Community Association in recognition of their 2005 listing as a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1954-55, the Greenmeadow subdivision is a significant example of Eichler aesthetics of mid-20th century modernist style with an unique centralized community center. The Eichler Historic Quest Committee deserves special recognition for their extensive work to establish the foundation for the historic district registration. The continuing efforts of the Greenmeadow Architecture Review Committee serves to protect and preserve the character of this Historic District.

Steven Eichler presented the award to Andrew Voltmer of the Greenmeadow Architecture Review Committee.

Greenmeadow certificate 291 Parkside
Greenmeadow house Greenmeadow
226 Creekside 271 Creekside
344 Creekside


2016 Residential Preservation Award: 175 Byron Street

Presented to Kent & Crindy Stormer, in recognition of their commitment to preserving this unusually detailed example of the Square Cottage building type. Built in 1908, it is one of the oldest surviving homes that defined the earliest character of Palo Alto. They initiated an HRE which established their home’s eligibility for a Category 2 listing in the Palo Alto Historic Buildings Inventory.

175 Byron
Stormer 175
gate corner of porch
swing porch
front corner


2016 Commercial Rehabilitation Award: 261 Hamilton Avenue

Presented to Hamilton Ramona Partners, owner, Cody Anderson Wasney, architect, Cody Brock Builders, contractor. The historic rehabilitation of this Birge Clark reinforced concrete building improved seismic safety, restored ground floor storefronts, steel windows and terracotta roof tile, and uncovered tiles that marked the entrance of an early Palo Alto Post Office. Compatible hand-painted tile, light fixtures, and stucco restoration have brought new life to this important landmark.

Hamilton Ramona Partners, Joe Martignetti and Roxy Rapp, Steve Emslie (PAST), Caroline Lebar (CAW), and
       (Cody Brock).

Medico-Dental Building Ramona Hamilton
Centennial Walk archtectural certificate
windows cody Brock
name mosiac tile
name stairs
tile viewto city hall
detail tile
plane boat
corner Hamilton view


Preservationist of the Year Margaret Feuer

Presented to Margaret Feuer in recognition of her commitment to actions that promote historic preservation at the local level. Her many contributions include writing A Walk Through History: Women of Palo Alto in 1994, campaigning for preserving the Juana Briones house, PAST President and Board member, 2007–2013, writing over 200 articles on historic houses for the Daily News, and obtaining a listing on the National Register of Historic Places for The Woman’s Club in 2015. While on the PAST Board, Margaret researched centennial homes, conducted walking tours, managed two Holiday House tours, and negotiated the preservation easement for 601 Melville. Her dedication to local historic preservation is constant and on-going.

Steve & Margaret helping
Lifetime Achievement Award Dennis Backlund

Presented to Dennis Backlund in recognition of his tireless commitment and dedication to Palo Alto’s history and architectural heritage. A life-long professionalism served to build community trust and enthusiasm for preservation not only in Palo Alto but in the larger region. His knowledge, expertise and caring has well served Palo Alto’s historic values.

Backlund award

Dennis was not able to be present. His close friend Larry Jones (seated in the center) accepted the award for him.

Lifetime Achievement Gail Woolley

Presented to Gail Woolley in recognition of her many years of leading the fight to preserve local history. Since the late 1960s Gail has championed the preservation of historic buildings in Palo Alto through co-authoring ...Gone Tomorrow?, the 1971 AAUW booklet and campaigning to save the Squire House and the WWI Hostess House. She was the first chair of the Historic Resources Board (1980) and was president of the Palo Alto Historical Association. Gail, through her continuing participation in civic efforts to preserve Palo Alto’s historic legacy, is a role model for future preservation activists.

Gail Woolley ceertificate
Carolyn Gail


Clare & Charlie owners
people waiting
Plaque presentation guests
College Ave. owners Bardie & Scott Wallace



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