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2012 Preservation Awards

Discover Palo Alto's Hidden Gems

This year the celebration was held May 20 at The Palo Alto Woman's Club, 475 Homer Avenue. Our guest speaker, Jacqueline Proctor, shared the surprising story of Harold Stoner, one of the Bay Area's most prolific and influential, yet unknown, architects. He specialized in atmospheric make–believe, but ranging from Art Deco to storybook cottage to Mediterranean castles.

Following that, the preservation awards were made and plaques to century–old homes distributed.

358 Addison Avenue

Architect and Contractor
661 Bryant Street

Sea Scout Representatives
2560 Embarcadero Road

David Toews & Martin Bernstein
617 High Street

1128 Webster honorees
1128 Webster Street

Bob French
Bob French

Steve Staiger
Steve Staiger

Ellen & Tom Wyman
Ellen and Tom Wyman


2012 Residential Rehabilitation Award: 1128 Webster Street

Presented to
Brigitte Gassée, owner
Kohler Associates, architects
Mariuc build + remodel, inc., contractor

for the rehabilitation of a Category 4 home on the City of Palo Alto's Historic Inventory. The rehabilitation preserves the 1894 vernacular details of the building, such as the shiplap siding and turned porch columns, while providing the owners with a modern home.

whole facade


Owner certificate

architect certificate


1128 Webster

Contractor certificate

2012 Residential Rehabilitation and Addition Award: 358 Addison Avenue

Presented to
Stephen Reller, owner
Aino Vieira da Rosa, architect
Northwall Builders, contractor

for the rehabilitation of and addition to a historic home located in the Professorville Historic District. The rehabilitation removed multiple later additions to carefully restore the building to its circa 1900 appearance by preserving the historic windows and exterior details, replicating the balustrade on the restored porch, and creating a new addition that appears to seamlessly blend with the historic home.

358 Addison Avenue

Reller certificate

358 Addison Avenue entry porch


Architect certificate

Contractor certificate

358 Addison Avenue chimney

2012 Residential Landscaping Award: 617 High Street

Presented to

Martin Bernstein, owner and architect
David Toews Construction, contractor

for designing new residential landscaping at a Category 3 home on the cith of Palo Alto's Historic Inventory. The landscaping and decorative brickwork is designed to reflect the home's late 19th century architecture.

617 High Street

Bernstein award certificate

flower pot

617 High Street front yard

617 High

617 High landscaping


2012 Commercial Adaptive Use Award 2560 Embarcadero Road

Presented to
Environmental Volunteers, tenant
Cody Anderson Wasney, architects
Cody/Brock Commercial Builders, contractor

for the adaptive use of the former home of the Sea Scouts, a Category 1 historic structure on the City of Palo Alto's Historic Inventory. This adaptive use carefully preserves the Birge Clark streamline Moderne details, such as the porthole windows and liner-like appearance, while creating new office and interior meeting spaces, and integrating the building into the natural coastline of the marsh.

Sea Scout Base

EV certificate

Sea Scout Base

interior meting/office space

Architect's certificate

Contractor certificate

water side view

Read what the San Francisco Chronicle had to say about preserving this unique building. (August 22, 2012)

2012 Commercial Adaptive Use Award: 661 Bryant Street

Presented to
Embarcadero Capital Partners, owner
Lundberg Design, architect
W.L. Butler, contractor

for the adaptive use of a Category 2 structure on the City of Palo Alto's Historic Inventory built in 1916. This adaptive use carefully preserves the historic opal glass windows, decorative front door, and voluminous interior while transforming the space from a church to a modern office space and creating a new inviting patio in front of the building.

661 Bryant Street

661 Bryant entry

661 Bryant award to owner

661 Bryant Designer award


661 Bryant cupola

661 Bryant contractor award certificate

2012 Education Preservation Award: Bob French

Bob French award certificate

Bob has shared his love of history with the students of Palo Alto for many years. Now retired from the Palo Alto Unified School District, he still substitute teaches, researches school-related topics, and works hard to preserve the documents, photographs and other historic records of the PAUSD.

2012: Historical Preservation Award: Steve Staiger

Steve Staiger award certificate

Steve receiving award

Through the years, Steve has dedicated his time to preserving the history of Palo Alto through his work as the city's Historian at the Guy Miller Archives, his commitment to the Palo Alto Historical Association, PAST Heritage, the Palo Alto History Museum, and his dedication to the education of Palo Alto's youth.

2012 Community Preservation Award: Tom and Ellen Wyman

Tom Wyman receiving plaque

Tom & Ellen Wyman award certificate

As long–time residents of Palo Alto, Tom and Ellen have volunteered their time and expertise on many local issues, especially those related to the quality of life in Palo Alto. Over the years their passionate support and hundreds of volunteer hours have contributed to the support of the libraries, baylands and foothills open space, and the preservation of Palo Alto's residential neighborhoods and a balanced, well–planned city.

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