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2006 Preservation Awards


2006 Summer Newsletter page 3

Link to video of Mayor Judy Kleinberg issuing proclamation of
Preservation Month 2006.


HP Garage
367 Addison Avenue
141 Alma Street
141 Alma Street
825 Channing
825 Channing Avenue
291 Parkside
291 Parkside Drive
959 Waverley
959 Waverley Street
175 Webster
175 Webster Street




141 Alma Street

2006 residential preservation award 141 Alma Street


2006 awardees


825 Channing Avenue


825 Channing 825 Channing
2006 award

Residential Preservation Award presented to R & M Properties for their preservation of a 1909 Victorian at 825 Channing Avenue. Through thoughtful investment, this project balances preservation of the existing structure with the addition of new space.

Cody Anderson Wasney award

Residential Remodeling Award presented to Cody Anderson Wasney Architects for a masterful renovation of 825 Channing Avenue that allowed expansion of the 1909 Victorian house, while preserving its authentic architectural details, thereby ensuring that the best parts of our past are preserved into the future.

detail door
windows front
front side


2006 awardees



367 Addison Avenue: HP Garage


HP Garage 2006 HP award 367 Addison Avenue



2006 awardees



291 Parkside Drive

Parkside Drive Eichler

2006 Parkside award

Neighborhood Preservation Award presented to Norman Adams in recognition of outstanding dedication to the preservation of Eichler architecture at 291 Parkside Dive, in Palo Alto's Greenmeadow. This sensitive addition and remodel contributes to one of the earliest and best preserved of neighborhoods developed by Jospeh Eichler and recently added to the National Register of Historic Places.

291 Parkside
glass fence driveway and garage



2006 awardees



959 Waverley Street

porch 959 Waverley certificate 959 Waverley


2006 awardees



175 Waverley Street

2006 Webster award 175 Webster
detail yard
corner view 175 Webster


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